SEO Website Evaluation Checklist - Website SEO Audit

Our expert internet marketing staff will evaluate your website for search engine optimization, usability, layout, navigation, compliance and more. We check for over 40 different elements that affect your search engine rankings, website effectiveness and analyze the usefulness of your marketing and visitor presentation.

Before beginning a search engine marketing campaign, it is important to set the foundation for a successful marketing campaign by ensuring that your website is designed with both the visitors and search engines in mind - effective websites must be able to attract visitors from the search engines and also convert those visitors into customers. When evaluating your website,  we examine key elements of each page of your site and determine what elements can be optimized to produce better rankings in the search engines and convert more visitors to customers.

A professional SEO expert will personally visit your site and give you an evaluation of the elements that effect your rankings. Once we have evaluated your website, we will make suggestions to correct any shortcomings that we encounter. eCentral Marketing will provide you with a summary of the necessary steps needed to begin an effective internet marketing campaign. The analysis will provide you with a set of instructions for your web developer and a non-technical summary for yourself or the CEO. This customized SEO evaluation report will expose the changes your website needs to gain top rankings in the search engines and improve conversion of your website visitors.